Primary School Staff


Lianne Herbert
Nursery Bluebells Class Teacher

Tamsin Elsey
Nursery Daisies Class Teacher

Joshua Bateson
Nursery Poppies Class Teacher

Laura Permanand
Nursery Sunflowers Class Teacher
Nursery Year Leader

Sara Ben-Abdallah
Nursery Bluebells Teaching Assistant

Leanne Yew
Nursery Daisies Teaching Assistant

Tomono Iizumi
Nursery Poppies Teaching Assistant

Rika Okazaki
Nursery Sunflowers Teaching Assistant


Lauren Miles
Reception Bears Class Teacher

Anita Miyamoto
Reception Giraffes Class Teacher

Claire Herault
Reception Penguins Class Teacher

Stuart Whitaker
Reception Rhinos Class Teacher
Reception Year Leader

Clare James
Reception Bears Teaching Assistant

Noriko Ishitohashi
Reception Giraffes Teaching Assistant

Tomihiro Tsuchiya
Reception Penguins Teaching Assistant

Kimberly Bryant
Reception Rhinos Teaching Assistant

Year 1

Emma Holloway
Year 1B Class Teacher

Rory Bell
Year 1G Class Teacher

Myfanwy Lawrence
Year 1P Class Teacher
Year 1 Year Leader

Rebecca Remnant
Year 1R Class Teacher
June Urabe_W160H200_2015-2016
June Urabe
Year 1B Teaching Assistant

Helen Kaiho
Year 1P Teaching Assistant

Yuko Arai
Year 1R Teaching Assistant

Year 2

Will Ellis
Year 2B Class Teacher

Stephen Pittman
Year 2G Class Teacher
Year 2 Year Leader
Charlotte Dean
Charlotte Dean
Year 2P Class Teacher

Nami Ohkubo
Year 2R Class Teacher

Zoe Johns
Year 2B Teaching Assistant

Akiko Kobayashi
Year 2G Teaching Assistant

Ani Smart
Year 2G Teaching Assistant

Hong An Doan
Year 2P Teaching Assistant

Jorge Fecuri
Year 2R Teaching Assistant

Year 3

Laura Ellis
Year 3B Class Teacher

Clinton Morgan
Year 3G Class Teacher

Gillian Pritchard
Year 3P Class Teacher

Daniel Berry
Year 3R Class Teacher
Year 3 Year Leader

David Buchler
Year 3B Teaching Assistant

Miyuki Yoshida
Year 3G Teaching Assistant

Pia Orum

Year 3P Teaching Assistant

Sandra Tateno
Year 3R Teaching Assistant

Year 4

Clare Welch
Year 4B Class Teacher

James Musgrave
Year 4G Class Teacher

Kay Wilkie
Year 4P Class Teacher
Year 4 Year Leader

Iain Crummie
Year 4R Class Teacher
Shopna Sekine_W160H200_2015-2016
Shopna Sekine
Year 4B Teaching Assistant

Ayako Hutchins
Year 4G Teaching Assistant

Jacob Knill
Year 4P Teaching Assistant

Tara Fitzgerald
Year 4R Teaching Assistant

Year 5

Jayne Ward
Year 5B Class Teacher

Kyle Gorst
Year 5G Class Teacher
Year 5 Leader
Rebecca Horinouchi_W160H200_2015-2016
Rebecca Horinouchi
Year 5P Class Teacher

Thomas Kean
Year 5R Class Teacher

Elizabeth Howard
Year 5B Teaching Assistant

Rebecca Hawkes
Year 5G Teaching Assistant

Steven Samrock
Year 5P Teaching Assistant

Camilla Scott
Year 5R Teaching Assistant

Year 6

Kaori Ota
Year 6B Class Teacher
Philip Arneill_W160H200_2015-2016
Philip Arneill
Year 6G Class Teacher
Year 6 Year Leader

Aron Tseng
Year 6P Class Teacher

Neil Willis
Year 6R Class Teacher

David Ronchetti
Year 6B Teaching Assistant

Natalia Troitskaya
Year 6G Teaching Assistant

Kei McIlraith
Year 6P Teaching Assistant

Michelle Pearce
Year 6R Teaching Assistant

Primary Assistant Heads

Rachel Roberts
Assistant Head of Primary
Inclusion Manager

Katie Byrne
Assistant Head of Primary
Assessment Manager

Richard Taylor
Assistant Head of Primary
Learning and Teaching

Specialist Lessons – PE

Aneeta Purewal_W160H200_2015-2016
Aneeta Purewal
Primary PE Teacher Shibuya and Showa

Elliko Heimbach
Swimming Coach

Dan Trachonitis
Primary PE Teacher, Primary PE Coordinator

Danny Wild
Primary PE Teacher Shibuya and Showa

Hideo Nohara
Swimming Coach

Specialist Lessons – ICT

Stephen Pritchard_W160H200_2015-2016
Stephen Pritchard
Primary ICT Teacher, Primary ICT Coordinator

Specialist Lessons – French

Grant Fraser
Primary and Secondary French Teacher

Annaig Sadou
Primary and Secondary French Teacher

Chloe Vastesaeger
Primary and Secondary French Teacher

Specialist Lessons – Japanese

Mayuna Hosokawa
Primary Japanese Teacher

Hideko Maruyama
Primary Japanese Teacher

Yasuko Okamura
Primary Japanese Teacher

Rieko Watanabe
Primary Japanese Teacher

Hiroko Yabuta
Primary Japanese Teacher

Eiko Yamanouchi
Primary Japanese Coordinator

Tomoko Yoshizawa
Primary Japanese Teacher

Specialist Lessons – Music

Louisa Danmeri
Director of Music Whole School

Amanda Cowan
Primary Music Teacher

Learning Support

Michael Beresford-Cooke
Primary EAL Teacher

Karen Ellis
Learning Support Teaching Assistant

Jonjo McQuaid
Learning Support Teaching Assistant

Faye Skjonnemand
Learning Support Teaching Assistant


Richie Steven

Michael Bell
Library Assistant

Kazumi Nono
Library Assistant