Secondary School Staff

Adrian Prowse_W160H200_2016-2017
Adrian Prowse
English, History Teacher
Alison Woods_W160H200_2016-2017
Alison Woods
Assistant Head of Secondary School, Chemistry Teacher
Andy Bickley_W160H200_2016-2017
Andrew Bickley
Secondary Teaching Assistant
Annaig Sadou_W160H200_2016-2017
Annaig Sadou
French Teacher
Bradley Hayes_W160H200_2016-2017
Bradley Hayes
Mathematics, Computing Teacher
Brian Platts_W160H200_2016-2017
Brian Platts
Head of the Secondary School
Chizuru Nakatsuka_W160H200_2015-2016
Chizuru Nakatsuka
Japanese Teacher
Chloe Vastesaeger_W160H200_2016-2017
Chloe Vastesaeger
French Teacher
Christopher Keeble-Watson_W160H200_2016-2017
Chris Keeble-Watson
Head of Electives and Extra-Curricular Activities, Geography Teacher
Christopher Parsons_W160H200_2016-2017
Christopher Parsons
English, Drama Teacher
Christopher Spicer_W160H200_2016-2017
Christopher Spicer
Science, Biology Teacher
Christopher Warburton_W160H200_2015-2016
Chris Warburton
Higher Education & Careers Assistant
David Reid_W160H200_2016-2017
David Reid
Science, Physics Teacher
Eiko Yamanouchi_W160H200_2015-2016
Eiko Yamanouchi
Head of Japanese
Eilidh Hetman_W160H200_2016-2017
Eilidh Hetman
English Teacher
Elizabeth Riley_W160H200_2016-2017
Elizabeth Riley
Secondary PE Teacher
Elliko Heimbach_W160H200_2016-2017
Elliko Heimbach
Swimming Coach
Gary Willis_W160H200_2016-2017
Gary Willis
PE Teacher
Graham Downes_W160H200_2016-2017.jpg
Graham Downes
Head of Tsukiyomi House; Geography Teacher
Grant Fraser_W160H200_2016-2017
Grant Fraser
Head of Modern Languages Faculty; French, Spanish Teacher
Guy Naylor_W160H200_2016-2017
Guy Naylor
Drama, English Teacher
Hannah Kobayashi_W160H200_2015-2016
Hannah Kobayashi
Science, Biology Faculty Leader

Hideo Nohara
Swimming Coach
James Sewell_W160H200_2016-2017
James Sewell
Learning Support, Science Teacher
James Thomas_W160H200_2016-2017
James Thomas
Deputy Head of Secondary School; Philosophy and Ethics Teacher
Jeremy Wilkie_W160H200_2016-2017
Jeremy Wilkie
Mathematics Teacher
John McDarby_W160H200_2016-2017
John McDarby
Mathematics Teacher
John Morris_W160H200_2015-2016
John Morris
Director of Sport; PE Teacher
Jonathan Travis_W160H200_2016-2017
Jonathan Travis
Head of Humanities; History Teacher
Kumiko Kikkawa_W160H200_2016-2017
Kuniko Kikkawa
Japanese Teacher
Kyoko Kaneta_W160H200_2016-2017
Kyoko Kaneta
Art, Photography Teacher
Lauren Bradford_W160H200_2016-2017.jpg
Lauren Bradford
Head of Learning Support
Louisa Danmeri_W160H200_2016-2017
Louisa Danmeri
Director of Music (Whole School)
Lucy Twigger_W160H200_2016-2017
Lucy Twigger
Head of Mathematics & Computing Faculty; Mathematics Teacher
Maja Buchan_W160H200_2016-2017
Maja Buchan
Head of Amaterasu House; Secondary PE Teacher
Mariko Kaneko_W160H200_2016-2017
Mariko Kaneko
PA to the Head of the Secondary School
Mark Grimshaw_W160H200_2016-2017
Mark Grimshaw
Head of BST Outdoors; Science, Chemistry Teacher
Martin Malins_W160H200_2016-2017
Martin Malins
Business Studies, Computing Teacher

Michael Bell
Secondary Librarian
Michael Pye_W160H200_2016-2017
Mike Pye
Mathematics Teacher
Mireia Bickley_W160H200_2016-2017
Mireia Bickley
Science, Chemistry Teacher
Necitas Tolentino_W160H200_2016-2017
Necitas Tolentino
Science Technician

Nolan Price
Art Teacher
Nora Yamada_W160H200_2016-2017
Nora Yamada
Head of Sixth Form; English Teacher
Patrick Garwood_W160H200_2016-2017
Patrick Garwood
Secondary Digital Teaching Assistant
Richard Deseo_W160H200_2016-2017
Richard Deseo
Science Technician
Richard Paterson_W160H200_2016-2017
Richard Paterson
Head of English and Drama Faculty; English Teacher
Ryoko Honda_W160H200_2016-2017
Ryoko Honda
Examinations Officer
Simon Beston
Simon Beston
Music Teacher
Spencer Close_W160H200_2015-2016
Spencer Close
Wellbeing Co-ordinator; Psychology, Mathematics Teacher
Steven Reilly_W160H200_2016-2017
Steven Reilly
Head of Bishamon House; History Teacher

Tatiana Gregorek
Swimming Teacher
Tomoko Yoshizawa_W160H200_2016-2017
Tomoko Yoshizawa
Japanese Teacher