Fees and Term Dates

The School requires tuition fees for existing students to be paid in full 4 weeks after the invoice date. Invoices are normally sent out 8-14 weeks before the end of the previous term. Parents remain responsible for the timely payment of invoices, even in cases where a third party such as a company is making the payment (see page on the Corporate Contribution Programme for more information). Students whose fees have not been paid and who do not comply with a subsequent payment reminder will not be permitted to attend the school and the school will seek to reallocate their place at the latest 2 weeks before term commences.

All fees must be paid by bank transfer either from an account in the name of the registered parent or guardian or from another account the name of which has been notified to the school by the registered parent or guardian in advance in writing. The School will not accept payment of fees in cash. Bank transfer details can be found here.

In order to register an application to our School you must make the 40,000 yen registration payment and upload the bank transfer receipt or make credit card payment through the admissions portal.

The British School in Tokyo Term Dates
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SCHEDULE OF Tuition FEES 2022-23

Annual Tuition Fees 2022-23 Full Academic Year Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
Regular Tuition Fees for Primary School (Nursery & Reception included) ¥2,525,000 ¥870,000 ¥840,000 ¥815,000
Regular Tuition Fees for Secondary School
(Year 7 to Year 9)
¥2,570,000 ¥905,000 ¥850,000 ¥815,000
Regular Tuition Fees for Secondary School
(Year 10 to Year 13)
¥2,660,000 ¥940,000 ¥885,000 ¥835,000


Capital Development Tuition Fees (payable for whole school) ¥100,000 ¥40,000 ¥30,000 ¥30,000


To discuss potentially significant tax savings, corporations and other organisations are asked to email William Carson ccp@bst.ac.jp regarding payment of donations in lieu of tuition and fees through the ‘Corporate Contribution Plan’, The British School in Tokyo’s scholarship programme.


Application and Enrolment Fees 2022-23

Application Fees Enrolment Fees
Enrolment Educational Resources
¥40,000 ¥500,000 ¥580,000


The above fees all constitute a non-refundable, one-time payment for all new pupils joining the school.

The School requires all fees for new students to be paid in full 2 weeks after the invoice date.

Late Enrolment

Tuition fees for students enrolled after the commencement of the school year will be calculated based upon academic terms.  Attendance for any portion of a term will necessitate payment for the full term or half the term depending on the enrolment date.

Notice Period Parents wishing to withdraw a pupil from the School must give not less than one complete term prior written notice of withdrawal to the Admissions officer or pay one complete term's fees in lieu of such notice.


The school’s Leaving Form is available on the Parent Portal here.


The School does not refund fees except in the case where notice has been received as described above and a term has been wholly unattended.

Delinquent Payment In any case of financial delinquency, School policy states that attendance of the pupil may be prohibited, as may the release of all school records, reports, etc.
Changes in Level
of Fees
The School reserves the right to review and adjust the fees at any time without prior notice.
Items included Tuition fees include the costs of all books and curriculum residential and day trips. The following charges are not included: lunches, non-curriculum residential and day trips, SEN support, some exam fees, some sports events and tournaments, instrumental lessons and some extracurricular activities.

Fees Policies – Sibling Discounts and Reduction in Enrolment Fees

The School does not offer sibling discounts. However fees paid by parents for elder siblings will be deducted in full from the calculation of adjusted net income on which bursary decisions are made. Any parent who believes that there may be difficulties in paying the fees for a younger sibling may therefore apply for a bursary for that child.

Fees Policies – Special Postponement in Fees

Any parent who believes that there may be difficulties in paying the fees by the due date should contact the Bursar as soon as they become aware of this. The School will consider granting a special postponement of payment of fees for existing students of the school, in cases where a verifiable and significant change in circumstances results in hardship which affects the ability of the family to pay the full amount of the fees and the past circumstances of the family have not given them the opportunity to build up savings for such an eventuality.

The amount of the postponement, if any, and its length will be decided on a case by case basis and will depend not only on the circumstances of the family, but also on the financial circumstances of the School at that time. The family may be asked to provide information as to their circumstances sufficient to allow a detailed assessment.

The postponement will be subject to reassessment of parental means each term and may be varied upwards or downwards, depending on parental circumstances and the financial information provided.

Corporate Contribution Programme

The Corporate Contribution Program (CCP) is a scholarship program that is available to organisations that take responsibility for the educational expenses of their expatriate employees’ children. Instead of paying Tuition fees and fees of Enrolment directly, companies and organisations agree to make donations requested by the School. These donations or ‘contributions’ fund special tax exempt corporate scholarships, which are awarded to dependents of those companies participating in the programme. They are also used to fund the development of the School for the benefit of all the BST students. The British School in Tokyo is one of the founder members of the CCP Association. Please click here for more detail on the CCP.