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CIS membership certificate for BST

We are pleased to announce that The British School in Tokyo (BST) has become a member of the Council of International Schools (CIS), a global membership community working collaboratively to shape international education.

We are delighted that BST has created extensive alignment with CIS’s four drivers of purpose and direction, high quality student learning, wellbeing and global citizenship. CIS has also recognised BST’s strong commitment to continuous school improvement based upon international standards for education and the school’s own guiding statements. 

CIS evaluator commented,

‘There was no difficulty in identifying the strengths of The British School of Tokyo which include the exceptionally positive school culture and climate, the individual attention and support that students receive from their teachers, the demonstrated willingness to embrace change and innovation, and the strong focus on students’ learning outcomes.’

As a part of the CIS community, BST will have access to the full range of CIS’s world-class programmes and services including university guidance, benchmark data, professional development and evaluation practices.