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Poster of BST Festival of the Arts

The British School in Tokyo holds the BST Festival of the Arts, a celebration of the Arts for the entire BST community and friends, supported by the BST Annual Fund.

The Festival aims to awaken a greater understanding of the possibilities that exist through the arts, and create pathways to these through the forms of creativity, understanding and empathy. 

Starting from November 2023 but with major events happening between 10th to 21st June 2024, the Festival of the Arts will encompass four subjects of art, drama, literature and music. The festival is showcasing and celebrating the work of BST students through exhibitions, competitions and performances. It also provides opportunities for students to work with inspirational experts across the creative fields as an extension of what they are able to experience within the school curriculum. 

There will be over 20 projects taking place, in close collaborations with well-known artists, writers, musicians and organisations. 

Introduction about each artist, writer, musician can be found on the website of Festival of the Arts 2024

November 2023 - June 2024

Tokyo Kids Write

  • A series of creative writing workshops for both Primary and Secondary students 
7th March

Chart Project Workshop

  • Art workshops for Year 8, to raise awareness and engagement with SDGs within Japan and the BST community.
19th March

Talk by Hikaru Cho

  • Talk about her books, the thought processes behind her ideas and introduce games to stretch the students' imagination. 
22nd March

Sam Metz: 'Drawing as Stimming' Workshop

  • Learn about stimming - repetitive behaviours often used by autistic individuals to manage anxiety and express excitement - as well as its role in art. 
22nd March - 13th May

Chart Project Competition

  • An art competition to raise awareness and engagement with SDGs within Japan and the BST community.
16th May
Sean Phillips holding workshops for BST students

Sean Philips Live drawing session + Workshops

  • World Class Comic Artist 
  • Secondary Assembly: live drawing session with Q&A
  • Individual workshops with students from Year 10, Year 12, Year 10 and Year 6
Charlie Adlard holding workshops for BST students

Charlie Adlard Live drawing session + Workshops

  • World Class Comic Artist and UK Comic Laureate 2017-19
  • Secondary Assembly:  live drawing session with Q&A
  • Individual workshops with students from Years 7, 8 and 9
7th - 21st June

Steel Pan Workshops

  • For both Primary and Secondary students
10th June

P. Hullah Workshop:  Though Much is Taken, Much Abides:  How Haiku Conceal to Reveal

  • Creative writing workshop for Yr 10 & 12 students

Joseph Coelho Workshop 

  • A series of online writing workshops with all students from Year 2 to Year 8

'Towards Joy:  Paul Hullah performs his poetry selected and new

  • Poetry Event for parents, staff and older students

Assembly with J. Coehlo

  • Online assemblies with Early Years students and Year 1

J. Coehlo Workshop for Year 5 & 6

12th June

J. Coehlo Workshop for Year 2 to 4

13th June

Kabuki/Nichibu Workshops Sessions

  • Secondary Assembly
  • Kabuki and Nichibu workshops

Sam Metz: 'Drawing as Stimming' Workshop and Talk

  • Open to Parents and Staff
14th June

taranainanika Theatre Co.: Choosing Beauty.  

  • International Theatre Directors
  • Sharing valuable experiences of theatre careers, personal values and life choices.

tarinainanika Workshops

  • Workshops for Year 10 Drama students, Year 9 Options students and some Year 11-12 students

taranainanika Evening Workshop

  • What Are You Really Trying to Say? Rediscover the expressive power of your body.
  • Workshop for BST parent, staff & older students 
15th June 

Inclusive Concert

  • Inclusive concert open to all BST Community and friends
  • 6 professional concert musicians performing in-person.
19th June

Andrew Fitzsimons Workshop

  • 'Basho:  A Workshop on Translation':  Fitzsimons will deliver an in person workshop to senior students on writing in translation.

An Evening With Andrew Fitzsimons

  • Fitzsimons will discuss his recent book Basho: The Complete Haiku of Matsuo Basho.   
  • Open to Parents and Staff
20th June

Rakugo Company and workshops

  • Rakugo Workshops with rakugokato, Shoyo Shunputei
  • For Year 7, Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10

Thanks to generous sponsorship from the BST Annual Fund, the whole BST community looks forward to a dazzling range of enriching experiences across the Arts in 2024.

Tickets for events open to parents and staff can be booked online.