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BST students learning Flower Arrangement with Showa teacher and students

The British School in Tokyo starts ‘Exchange Month’ with Showa Junior-Senior High School and Showa Elementary School

The ‘Exchange Month’ project will consist of a series of programmes for students from the three schools across June, focusing on joint collaboration, language development, experiencing the difference between British and Japanese education, and working together on sustainable development.

The first programme of the project is ‘Operation Green’ which aims to motivate 100 students (30 from BST and 70 from Showa Junior-Senior High School) to get involved in sustainable development and environment protection. The first workshop took place on 16 May when the students from both schools had an initial discussion with Ms Yo Watanabe, Administration Manager of international NPO Earth Company, on creating a sustainable campus in Showa. The second workshop happened on 1 June, and the students managed to set three action categories for the programme: Waste Management, CO2 Reduction, and Foundation (team management, environment philosophy, PR etc).

Feedbacks from the students:

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This opportunity to work with both schools is really valuable. I would like to be involved and put into practice what I have been working on with my family at home with my school and BST.

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I think the earth is in danger now. We will take the lead in what we can do to save this planet.


BST students observing bugs at the biology class with Showa students

BST and Showa students observing roly-poly's behaviour at biology class

BST students brainstorming ideas for Operation Green with Showa students

Joint discussion between students from BST and Showa schools

The full programmes are as follows:

The details of the exchange programme