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School Advisory Committee

The School Advisory Committee is a forum for parents and teacher representatives to discuss ongoing educational issues and also give the School's Leadership Team their input on operational matters. Members put themselves forward to be a part of the group and they serve a two year term. The advice and guidance they provide is invaluable for the school and has led to improvements to many developments the school has made, including communication procedures, curriculum enhancements and school uniform discussions.

The School Advisory Committee parent and staff representatives meet the Deputy Principal monthly.

The SAC Membership for academic year 2022-2023 are:

Amy Gardner
Ben Girling
Lisa Grey
Clarisse Ng
David James
Paul Tough

Keith Thomas
Phil Robertson
Emma Cabrera
Fiona Imada
Michiko Kakiya
Naomi Iwase (Chair of PTA)

Proposed agenda items to be discussed or questions to be raised at the meetings can be sent to the Committee at