From the Head of Primary



Dear Primary Parents,

It might have been a four-day week yet we managed to squeeze a lot into it.

Year 5 Residential Camp

On Monday we waved goodbye to the other two Year 5 classes as they embarked on their 3-night residential in Minakami for some more outdoor learning activities. I am delighted to report that both trips had a great time at the venue and although they came back very tired, they have made lots of memories and forged new friendships. A big talking point on both trips has been the stink bugs who found themselves in everyone’s rooms!

Learning Partners - classes for the next academic year

As I mentioned in last week’s newsletter, this term we will have a series of planned transitional events as we start to consider the class groupings for next year. Over the coming weeks, the teachers will be asking the students who they enjoy learning with (learning partners) so that we can start to consider the class configurations for the next academic year. Please do follow up with your child on who they feel brings out the best in them and helps them learn well. We will make every effort to ensure each child is placed with one of their choices. If you have any information pertinent to your child's next class, please let the class teacher know as soon as possible.

School and student-driven initiatives

We have quite a few fantastic student-directed initiatives at the moment so I wanted to make sure everyone is aware of them.

1. Showa (Year 4 - Year 6 students)

A secondary student, Jie Qi Lim, is organizing an event for Mother's Day in which both primary and secondary students can buy carnations for their mothers. All the money collected will go to a single mothers and fathers charity (

2. Showa-based (Year 4 - Year 6 students)

Over the next year, we will be engaging with an organization called Earth Company. The aim is to explore issues connected to sustainability, better understand the complexity of challenges we face here on campus and turn inspiration into actions. There will be a presentation for upper primary students to follow soon. Then a group of secondary and primary students and staff will be created so that they can work with Showa Women’s University group on this.

3. Shibuya-based

Year One Peacocks have teamed up with TerraCycle and are now proud to launch the Jelly Drink Recycle Project. There is a recycle box in the foyer of Shibuya Campus for everyone to put their empty and cleaned drink pouches video here

4. MILK - Community kindness project

A group of Year 6 students are working with a group of primary parents in order to find ways to help our homeless community here in Tokyo, Japan. Their idea at the moment is to make loom bands in the different house colours and sell them. At this point in time, they are recruiting others to help with making the bands.

5. Shibuya Sunflower Growing Competition

Mrs. Hutchins and Mrs. Friedmann have set up a growing challenge for the children of Shibuya. Please see the video here. Happy sunflower growing Shibuya!


Head of Primary Awards

This week Isha Saranam Martinez (Y6) and Rei Fisher reach gold. Isha and Rei demonstrated lots of the BST Learner Profile attributes during class time and in her specialist lessons.  Well done Isha and Rei!


Y1 - Y6 Sports Days

Please remember we have House Sports Days on Monday and Tuesday of next week and parents are invited to attend.  I look forward to seeing as many of you there.

As always please feel free to contact me or a member of the Primary Senior Leadership Team (PSLT) if you have any questions or comments about the Primary School.

Wishing you all a wonderful 3 day weekend,

Eleanor Loran

Head of Primary