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Annual Fund

The Annual Fund exists exclusively to enhance learning experiences and provide additional highly motivating opportunities for our students in both Primary School and Secondary School that could not otherwise be funded.



What is the BST Annual Fund?

The inaugural BST Annual Fund launched in November 2021, and we are now in our second fundraising cycle, having launched on this year’s drive on 10th October 2022. Teachers, students and parents are invited to submit ideas and projects for investment from the BST Annual Fund throughout the academic year.

Funding proposals are submitted to the Annual Fund Allocation Committee. The Committee is composed of The Principal, Bursar, Teacher Representatives, Trustees’ Development Committee representative and our Head Students.

Fundraising takes many forms. Our Parent Teacher Student Association joins with The School’s Development Committee to arrange events and support projects that resonate with their ambitions and priorities.

BST also reaches out to the broader community, including alumni and school partners, to seek support and gifts for our Annual Fund. However, the most significant impact will undoubtedly come from the philanthropic participation of our current school parent community, staff, and other school friends. We encourage everyone to take part to the best of their capability.

Invitation to Participate

Although the Annual Fund’s annual campaign runs from October to mid-February each year, gifts are welcomed and gratefully received at any time of the year and will always have an impact.  Gifts made during the campaign period will help boost our support for exciting initiatives in the current year.

You are invited to support the BST Annual Fund, affording the school additional vital resources to achieve excellence and help deliver our ambitious long-term vision.

Donate Now

BST can accept donations by credit/ debit card online or by bank transfer. Alternatively, we welcome your donor enquiry by email

Levels of Giving
The Principal’s Circle
¥1,000,000 - and over
Founders’ Circle
¥500,000 - ¥999,999
Leaders' Circle
¥250,000 - ¥499,999
¥100,000 - ¥249,999
¥30,000 - ¥99,999
Friends of BST
Up to - ¥29,999

Some practical questions…

What will my donation support?

Contributions are applied to projects and initiatives carefully selected to enhance the BST curriculum and to provide the best possible opportunities for our students.

In our inaugural year, students and staff brainstormed a fantastic array of projects which were enthusiastically approved by the Annual Fund’s Allocation Committee. The committee members are now looking forward to receiving a further range of proposals for the 2022/23 school year. Examples of projects already supported by the fund include:

  • Organisation of a Literary Festival, which exposed students to authors and publishers, inspired debate and critical thinking, and enhanced our literary curriculum. During the festival, there were 870 visitors to the library.
  • Established a two-year residency programme for a professional artist supporting and inspiring students throughout the school.
  • Delivered a sports camera Livelink system to livestream school fixtures and enable students to edit their own footage as well as use software analysis to increase understanding of athletic performance.
  • Delivered a Science, Technology and Mathematics Week, providing challenging problems for students to solve.  This prompted students, their parents and staff to collaborate creatively and raise their level of creative thinking by tackling real world problems

The Fund is not used for capital improvements or operating expenses and is intended to be used within approximately one year. At the time of donation, you may also elect to make the gift towards our bursary programme, enabling BST education to be provided to those who otherwise would be unable to join the school.

Who will know that I have donated?

The school will celebrate our community philanthropy in an annual publication. However, BST fully respects privacy and at the time of giving you can elect to be included by name, anonymously, or not mentioned at all. The amount gifted will not be listed.

What are the typical donor brackets?

To guide gift levels, we are introducing donation brackets. These are for your convenience only, and the school equally values and celebrates gifts of any amount and any size.

Annual Fund Impact Report 2021-22