BST alumni Taigo Yokoyama

Employee at Morgan Stanley

BST alumni Taiga Yokoyama with his friends

Taiga Yokoyama

Following his fascination with how politics influenced the world, Taiga decided to study Politics and International Relations at the University of Essex, where he could delve into his passion for the subject, but also other interests like macroeconomics. His high achievement at university has landed him a job in the highly competitive finance industry, at Morgan Stanley, where he assists bond traders and helps to improve the workflow and efficiency within the investment bank. 

At his time in BST Senior School, Taiga took 4 A-Levels: Economics, History, Psychology and Japanese. Taiga says that studying the Cold War in history was what initially piqued his interest, as he was able to examine how nations years ago conducted international relations, as well as how political entities and countries interacted with one another to shape the dialogue and diplomacy of the day, which broadened his perspective and led him to developing a strong interest in current affairs.

His biggest advice for BST students is to ‘work hard and play hard’. Whether it be for studying or working towards a certain goal, even though it is not always easy, it is crucial to put 100% into what you do, as it pays off and the success you achieve will be worth it. Due to Covid, Taiga had to navigate job hunting without being able to have the traditional experiences, (like job fairs) and he was still not sure which career path best suited him. However, he knew that by applying to finance, he would be able to contribute to society in a meaningful way, and the competitiveness of the industry would keep him challenged. 

His proudest achievement at BST was being able to go above and beyond his expected grade in IGCSE French. Despite facing some difficulty at first, his desire to learn and his determined character helped him to not give up and to keep reaching for the highest standards. 

BST alumni Taiga Yokoyama

Even though he initially felt slightly homesick, his time at university gave him many opportunities to step out of his comfort zone, and grow as a person. He was able to put himself forward and make new friends, and even took on leadership roles where he ran and managed the Japanese Society. This Society’s aim is to engage with people who are interested in Japanese culture, as well as help Japanese students assimilate and get settled in the UK. He says that he will always treasure the memories and friendships he made at university. 

In his free time, he enjoys playing the guitar and going to the beach and surfing. He is also a fan of watching mixed martial arts, anime

and most importantly reading about and staying in touch with current affairs. For the next couple of years, he sees himself working for the same company in order to gain that all-important early career experience with a famous company, but in the future he might work for a social enterprise. This way, he can use the valuable skills he’ll have learnt to really contribute to communities, both in Tokyo and farther afield. 

Article written by BST Year 12 student, Rachel Bickle (December 2022)