PTA - 2022 Welcome Back Letter from the PTA Chair

Welcome back from the winter holiday – we hope you had fun and could recharge!

Your PTA definitely did, and we continue to hold high hopes for this term!

We ended last term in force, with an outstanding event celebrating the launch of the BST Annual Fund.

Please refer to our newsletter here for more highlights from Term 1. 

Looking forward to this term, we would like to see you more often in person at our coffee mornings, which take place every second Wednesday of the month in Showa, and every second Friday of the month in Shibuya. They will start up again in February 2022. 

As every term, we are hard at work again to organise second-hand uniform and book sales, and are always available to offer support to our new families as they integrate into our community. 

Another Salvation Army Drive is in the pipeline, and we are planning a few webinars about some very topical and interesting themes for us, as parents.

We will confirm exact event dates in Term 2. As we are always mindful of your health and safety during our events, we hope the current situation will improve once again to allow us to continue to connect with you in person.

All these plans and projects are possible only with your help! 

This term especially, we are a mere handful of parents. It is so critical for us to get an infusion of fresh energy, also in our Executive Committee, to keep things going and to give an equal opportunity to all parents to contribute.

So please join us! We need more hands and heads and hearts to bring all of our – and your – plans to life.

You’ll have a chance to practice some old skills or learn some new skills!

Connect, make new friends and have fun! Make a difference, and gain fulfillment from giving back to your community! 

All help is welcome: from Executive Committee leads to volunteers ready on request. 

Please check all our vacancies and sign up here

We are happy to connect with you one-to-one to discuss our available opportunities, and your ideas for your involvement. 

Gabriela Mandrea

PTA Chair