PTA - Opportunities for Parents - 2021-2022

The British School in Tokyo

Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)

Opportunities for parent involvement during the 2021-2022 school year

During pre-COVID period one of the major functions of the PTA Committee was to organise frequent social gatherings and events such as the Spring Fair. Over the last two years the PTA has adapted its approach due to practical necessity caused by pandemic’s restrictions and also to meet the evolving needs of the community and its desire for informative webinars and forums.

For the new school year in September, the PTA Committee structure will expand with the addition of three sub-committees as follows:

  • Enrichment Program Sub-Committee responsible for organising lectures, talks, workshops covering a diverse array of interests both for parents and students
  • Fundraising Sub-Committee responsible for choosing and nurturing local charities that resonates with our community.
  • Social Sub-Committee responsible for organizing both online and offline community events.

All of the above sub-committees will work closely with the PTA Chairperson, PTA Executive Committee and the school’s Communications Team.

If you are interested in joining one of the new sub-committees, please contact Gabriella Mandrea (PTA Chair) or another member of the current PTA committee at one the following email addresses:

Additionally, the role of PTA Treasurer will be vacant from September, and we would be delighted to receive expressions of interest in the role.

In the meantime, enjoy a wonderful summer holiday and thank you for your continued support.

Gabriela Mandrea

PTA Chairperson