Together, we have already raised ¥130,000 for our 'Save the Children' fundraiser! Let's dig into our pockets and double it by the end of the term!

We're organising the following events to get together and celebrate this wonderful cause -- please mark your calendars: 

Term 3 'Save the Children' Raffle
Our raffle tickets will be for sale at all of our events. Please see here for the full list of our fabulous prizes from our community sponsors and partners, as well as details on ticket sales. Winners will be drawn at our End-of-Term picnic!  

End-of-Term Picnic: Sunday 19th June 2022, Setagaya Park, 11am-3pm
Let us all get together to celebrate the end of the term, the end of the year, and our upcoming summer holidays!
We will have Domino's Pizza and Costa Coffee, and raffle tickets for sale -- all proceeds go to Save the Children Japan, of course.
Please see here for a full list of our fabulous raffle prizes, as well as details on ticket sales. Winners will be drawn at the picnic! 

Every Monday during dismissal until 20th June: 1-coin 'Happiness for Help'
Every Monday during dismissal, we are hanging out treats to the children on both Shibuya and Showa campuses in exchange for ¥100. Donate a coin, pick a treat! 
Please make sure your children have coins on them on Mondays.
As our grand finale on Monday 20th June, we have partnered with Trunk Hotel Shibuya, who will sell ice cream, soft serve and shaved ice in their signature flavours! All the details here.

Throughout the term, there are also donation boxes in the Showa and Shibuya lobbies. At the Shibuya reception only, we will have BST-branded water bottles, tumblers and masks available in exchange for your larger cash donations. Please check our social media for details: you’ll find us on Facebook  and Twitter.

If you’d like more information, or want to volunteer to help, email us at