Welcome to BST’s Alumni Association!

The British School in Tokyo has now been in existence for 30 years; a huge milestone for a school that started with just 63 students back in Sept 1989.

In preparation for our 25th anniversary, the BST Alumni Association was launched in April 2012, and has since grown to over 1000 registered Alumni. This number naturally grows at the end of each term as we say goodbye to those who move on to other places. We also have over 900 likes of our BST Alumni Facebook page.

The Alumni Association is based in the School’s Development Office and exists to promote communication between the School and its globally dispersed alumni, and more importantly among the alumni themselves, as well as developing relationships with those who have an interest in BST’s activities.

The Alumni section of the website will continue to develop as we receive information about events happening both here in Japan and also among our members in other countries. We will also be including news and achievements of our alumni so, if you have not already registered click here to do so and tell us where you are. If you have registered we encourage you to keep us informed of your progress in “life after BST”. We welcome former students, parents of former students, and former staff members. There is no fee for registration or membership. 

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Alumni Career Assistance

We are very keen to continue to assist our students even when they are no longer physically with us in Tokyo.

If you are able to offer an internship to recent BST alumni, or soon-to-be Alumni? If you are, we would love to hear from you on Likewise, if you have a career opportunity that you think may suit an alumni of BST, please also get in touch.




Here is our first alumni profile of Kyoka Hadano, BST Alumna 2018, who's been reading English at Peterhouse College, Cambridge.

Read Kyoka's Alumni Profile here.

Here is our second alumni profile of Waco Yokoyama, BST Alumna 2015, who's currently doing her MSc in Environmental Change and Management at St Antony's College, Oxford.

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Here is our third alumni profile of Sean Peedle, BST Alumnus 2017, who's currently in his fourth year of studying Materials Science (specialisation within Natural Sciences degree) at Cambridge University’s Fitzwilliam College.

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Here is our fourth alumni profile of Liam Oshima, BST Alumnus 2020, who's currently studying a Bachelor of Science at Sydney University.

Read Liam's Alumni Profile here.

Here is our fifth alumni profile of Rajan Soni, BST Alumnus 2016, who is currently completing his MSc in Economic Development at St Edmund Hall, Oxford.

Read Rajan's Alumni Profile here.

Here is our sixth alumni profile of Mahi Patki, BST Alumna 2019, who is currently majoring in Environmental Science at University of Tokyo.

Read Mahi's Alumni Profile here.

Here is our seventh alumni profile of Aakriti Narang, BST Alumna 2015, who is currently working as a Processing Agent with French at KONE.

Read Aakriti's Alumni Profile here.

Here is our eighth alumni profile of Sarthak Kothari, BST Alumnus 2018, who is currently studying economics at the University of Essex.

Read Sarthak's Alumni Profile here.

Here is our ninth alumni profile of Fiona Anstey, BST Alumna 2020, who is studying geology and math at the distinguished Amherst College.

Read Fiona's Alumni Profile here.

Here is our tenth alumni profile of Pedro Rached, BST Alumus 2017, who is studying Chemical Engineering at the Technical University of Lisbon.

Read Pedro's Alumni Profile here.

Here is our eleventh alumni profile of Marigold Warner, BST Alumna 2013, who is now a journalist who writes about art and photography.

Read Marigold's Alumni Profile here.

Here is our Twelfth alumni profile of Linde Vergeylen, BST Alumna 2018, who is studying English Literature at the renowned Trinity College of Dublin.

Read Linde's Alumni Profile here.

Here is our Thirteenth alumni profile of Ayaka Teshirogi, BST Alumna 2018.

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Here is our Fourteenth alumni profile of Ain Nor Halim, BST Alumna 2017.

Read Linde's Alumni Profile here.

Here is our Fifteenth alumni profile of Oscar Hymas, BST Alumna 2020.

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Here is our sixteenth alumni profile of Jennifer Schermer, BST Alumna 2020.

Read Jennifer's Alumni Profile here.

Here is our sixteenth alumni profile of Seiji Márquez-Matsumura, BST Alumna 2020.

Read Seiji's Alumni Profile here.

Here is our seventeenth alumni profile of Jonathan Bradley, BST Alumna 2014.

Read Jonathan's Alumni Profile here.

Here is our eighteenth alumni profile of Julian Lin, BST Alumna 2018.

Read Julian's Alumni Profile here.


Alumni Updates

With more Alumni events being planned, and the word spreading about the BST Alumni association, we are starting to reconnect with alumni from all over the world, some of whom left us many years ago.

We were thrilled to hear from Katherine and Tom Flaherty who were with us may years ago from 1990-1993. This is what they had to say:


I will forever remember the wonderful teachers at the BST, and for being given the role of a computer in the Christmas play one year. I never realised there was a computer present at the birth of Jesus, but at least the teachers realised I was only up to the job of playing an inanimate object. I loved my time at BST, from Japanese class to the annual sports day, and I remember being sad leaving at the age of eight.

From there my family and I moved to Hong Kong, and from age 11 to 18 I went to boarding school in England, followed by Brown University in Providence Rhode Island, US where I studied Religious Studies and was a pre-medical student. I then spent a year learning Spanish, volunteering in a burn victim unit and an orphanage for HIV+ children in Medellin, Colombia before starting at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City. After graduating as a doctor last year, I started working for The Dr. Oz Show, a daytime medical television show in NYC where I am a currently medical producer.

In June of this year, I will be starting my medical residency in Family Medicine in NYC. I’d like to thank the BST for being an integral part of this amazing journey, and I hope to see the BST again when I next visit my sister who lives in Tokyo!

Tom Flaherty, MD


Nice to meet you! I’m Katherine, and I live in Tokyo, working as a translator and interpreter for one of the world’s leading intellectual property firms.

I enjoy salsa dancing, photography, and cooking. I don’t like potatoes.

It all started at the BST. I loved my three years there so much that at age 10, when my family moved back to Hong Kong, I promised myself that I would return to life in Tokyo.

(Obviously I didn’t mature much in the 8 years that followed.) I decided to keep the promise and major in Japanese at university. I studied at Oxford (Hertford College), and my degree also included exchange programs at Waseda and Kansei Gakuin Daigaku.

On graduation I immediately moved to Tokyo, originally to work in finance. But since language is my passion, I began to attend Simul Academy, with the intention of becoming an interpreter. Which led me to my present position.

I will always be grateful to the BST and its team of great teachers. I will always remember the school plays and the sports days, the assemblies, the headmistress greeting us at the school gate each morning…I will always remember sharing our playground with Shibuya Girls’ High School. I will always remember being terrible at my times tables. And I will never forget my BST friends.

Please do get in touch and let us know where you are now, and what you remember from your time at BST. We would love to hear from you on


PAST Events

For a full calendar of past events and more information about - please visit the Events page


Party diary

Singapore Alumni: 27th & 28th September 2014

Over the course of a Saturday night drinks party and Sunday lunch picnic, approximately 50 BST Alumni gathered in Singapore to share memories of life at BST, and living in Tokyo. It was fascinating to talk to some BST alumni parents and students from the early days of the school, as well as a number of staff members, including the Principal from 1999.

London Alumni Picnic May 2014

It was another beautiful English summer’s day this year for our annual London Alumni picnic in Hyde Park. Well over 100 members of the BST community past, present and future turned up from around the globe and were thrilled to reunite with friends and catch up on news.

Viking Alumni Party: 16th Feb 2014

On 16th Feb 2014, Denmark saw the very first BST alumni event in the 25th Anniversary year. The wonderful evening of memories and reacquainting was hosted by former parent, and staff member, Pippa Wood, known to many of the BST alumni as Madame duBois. Guest of honour, Richie Steven, who is officially BST’s longest serving member of staff, is pictured below with some of his former pupils ranging from 1991-2012. One of the former pupils even travelled from Luxembourg specifically to attend this event.

London Inaugural 25th Anniversary Party: 10th May 2013

Thanks to the generosity of James and Helen Wood the first BST reunion was a very happy occasion and it was obvious that many people look back fondly on their time at BST. Ms O’Connor and Brian Christian represented the British School, and the party was attended by over 80 former parents and staff.

Around 80 member of the BST community, past, present and future, gathered in London on a beautiful summer’s day for a lovely get-together.