Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
of the British School in Tokyo (BST)


All parents are members of the PTA automatically by way of their children’s enrolment at the school. The PTA supports BST’s activities by looking to enhance the BST students’ experience of studying and living in Japan. We also welcome new families to BST, nurture a sense of community within BST and raise funds to support each of these objectives. Our aim is to fulfill these commitments in a fun, rewarding and positive environment.

The PTA is guided by an Executive Committee comprised of parents, teachers and other staff. The PTA elects a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer to serve two-year terms. Whilst the PTA has an Executive Committee, we encourage all parents to participate throughout the school year in the many activities and events that the PTA organises to enrich the BST community. It is important to us that parents feel they have a voice in how the school is supported.

PTA activities and events include:

  • Shibuya Friday coffee mornings sponsored by the PTA and organised by our multi-talented School Librarian and master baker, Mr. Steven
  • Showa monthly coffee mornings, usually the last Monday of every month
  • New joiner and other welcome events, usually at the beginning of term, at which many PTA parents provide support and valuable information to new families
  • Student-centric Winter Wonderland and Christmas discos and other events
  • School-wide picnics in Yoyogi Park, generally in September and June of each school year
  • Secondhand uniform sales, Book and ski sales, etc

The PTA also supports parents who come together to organise the annual Spring Fair with the help of sponsors in the local community. Whilst Spring Fair is the key fundraising event for the PTA, its main purpose is to bring together BST students, their families and the BST staff for a fun and memorable day out.

All funds raised across the school year are funneled back into the school through a bid system that invites bids from BST staff, students and parents alike, to pay for items that enrich the school community. Bid meetings take place twice a year, generally in May and in November. Parents are encouraged to attend, to help decide on which items add the most value to life at BST.

Some of the items that the PTA (and therefore every parent) has supported in the last few school years include the overhaul of Primary classroom reading books, purchase of 3-D printers, Virtual Reality equipment and materials, vinyl cutters and design materials, DJ equipment for after-school clubs, wall mirrors for the gym and a new Year 3 football kit, and funding of expanded Secondary parent coffee meetings and author visits to support the School’s reading curriculum.

Communication between the school and BST parents is further aided by an amazing class parent network.

Brief descriptions of the key PTA Executive Committee positions and committees for key events held across the school year are listed in the booklets below.


The PTA’s main aim is to support BST throughout the school year. If you are interested in joining the Executive Committee or one of the other named committees or general volunteering opportunities, please contact [].

If you are a prospective parent and have questions regarding the PTA, please contact [].

Thank you to our continued PTA Sponsor – Azabu Gardens
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