Shibuya International Rugby Club

In partnership with the BST 19:20 Project


The Shibuya International Rugby Club was founded in September 2017 by Mr Koji Tokumasu, as a place where both Japanese and International students could come together to play rugby in a fun, safe and friendly environment. With this vision in mind the club has grown from strength to strength, starting with just 15 members in October 2017 to 85 members in October 2018, many of whom are BST students. 

Coming together to train each Sunday morning at BST Showa, SIRC has 3 main functions that go well beyond the usual sport club structure: 

  • To provide top-class rugby coaching to children, allowing them to build solid foundations as rugby players and progress quickly in a safe and supportive environment. 
  • To provide community to all members regardless of nationality by fostering friendships and communication across different languages and cultures. 
  • To provide outstanding international opportunities for our members, by nurturing close relationships with our stakeholders we have created an international platform for the promotion of cross cultural exchange, including visitors coming to Japan and our members going abroad. 

With less than a year to go until the Rugby World Cup hits Japan, Shibuya International Rugby Club is helping to stimulate interest and build excitement among young children for the game and for this once in a lifetime opportunity. 

As a partner of the BST 19:20 Sports Project, both entities will work closely to provide the greatest opportunities for students both at BST and beyond to enjoy rugby, participate in community engagement activities and cross cultural exchange, in order to make the most of the Rugby World Cup 2019.