BST Outdoors

In keeping with our philosophy that education should extend well beyond the four walls of the classroom, BST Outdoors is an ambitious school-wide programme offering opportunities for students to develop some of the important skills and attributes that will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives. It includes participation in a broad range of adventurous expeditions and challenges, the International Award (known as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in the UK) and regular service-orientated activities.

Teacher showing students how to use outdoor toolsStudent group photoBig group of students in front of a Japanese houseBST outdoors activity in the forest

All students from Year 1 to Year 13 take part in the BST Outdoors residential programme which generates much enthusiasm and excitement throughout the school. For some students these trips provide a first taste of life away from home and they certainly encourage the development of independence and resilience in a safe environment. We have found that such shared experiences are often the starting point for lasting friendships.

Building on the residential trips in Primary, all students in Years 7 to 13 participate in two major excursions which are always a popular fixture in the calendar. September sees the school embark on ten separate trips in four distinct locations across Japan involving all students and staff in the Secondary School. Outdoor learning takes place in the diverse locations of Hakuba, Miyagi, Wakayama and the Mt. Fuji region, giving all students a wide variety of experiences and challenges as they progress through the Secondary School. The second residential trip of the year again provides a range of experiences depending on the year group. Snowsports in Nagano, Japanese Homestays in Kyushu and the graduation trip to Oita all feature in the later part of the academic year. 

In the Primary School our residential trips are organised by year group. Years 5 and 6 spend three nights away from home. Our oldest students travel to Ashigara, Kanagawa in March, to explore traditional Japanese crafts, and carry out a physical, environmental and scientific investigation. Year 5 go to Norikura, Nagano in January where they complete a Design Technology challenge, write winter inspired poetry and take part in ski or snowboard lessons.

Students in front of Mt FujiStudents in front of the tree in autumnStudents in a tall building observatoryStudents at Hakone Open Air Museum

Year 4 spend two nights in Yamanakako, Yamanashi in April. They hike in, and learn about the natural environment and vegetation in Japan, experience weaving on looms and enjoy spectacular views of Mount Fuji. Year 3 children travel to Norikura, Nagano in May and June to experience orienteering, abseiling and indoor climbing, as well as other outdoor pursuits. See a pupil recount of the trip HERE.

Year 1 and 2 children spend one night in Hachioji, on the outskirts of Tokyo in May and June, where science, art and PE programmes are taken outside.

Through both the curriculum and the adventurous or service-based activities on offer, our students are encouraged to care about the environment in which they live as well as to develop a curiosity for the world around them. Our goal is to prepare happy, independent and self-assured young people for life in the 21st Century, and to equip them with the team-working and leadership skills they will need to enable them to play a full part as the global citizens of tomorrow. BST Outdoors is an integral part of the holistic education we deliver and, as such, the basic cost of the expeditions and activities mentioned here are included in the annual fee.

Students ski in JapanStudents in front of the Statue of Liberty OdaibaStudents in front of Mt FujiStudents gathering around fire in the snowStudents on the grass in the field under a blue skyStudent cooking food outdoorsStudents in canoesStudents playing in the waterStudent riding mountain bikes