Our Japanese Context

A British school boy reading a Japanese book attentively


BST makes extensive use of the rich historical, natural and cultural experiences available in Japan. Our children from Nursery upwards study the Japanese language. We maximise children’s real use of the language within the local community, taking advantage of speaking and listening opportunities right on our doorstep. For example, our Year 3 children interview people in the local area in Japanese about their hobbies, drawing on what they have learnt in the classroom about describing their own hobbies.

We celebrate and participate in Japanese traditions both by learning the language and by exploring the local and national cultural traditions.

Our skill based curriculum enables us to incorporate learning of skills relevant to our local context. Our history curriculum lends itself well to this. Year 2 children for example develop their history skills such as interpreting source materials when learning about the Great Fire of London and the Great Fire of Edo.

Our BST Outdoor programme enables us to explore and appreciate the natural aspect of living in Japan. Children have opportunities to hike and learn about indigenous plants and natural vegetation whilst also appreciating geographical features, utilising both science and geography skills.

We have strong links with our Japanese partner schools SKG and SWU as well as other Japanese schools in and around Tokyo with whom we share regular exchange days to enhance language and social opportunities.