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Pastoral Support in Secondary

BST senior students walking in the campus
At the British School in Tokyo, we provide a safe, secure and supportive learning environment for all, resulting in happy, emotionally resilient students. When students feel safe, secure and supported they are able to thrive both academically and socially. The school creates an environment for learning that ensures the physical and emotional wellbeing of each individual.

The decision-making and actions of all members of the BST community are driven by our core values:

  • We strive to achieve our personal best.
  • We are honest and show kindness, compassion and respect for others.
  • We are curious, creative and innovative in our thinking.
  • We embrace diversity and celebrate individuality.
  • We are internationally minded and culturally aware.
  • We have a sense of social and environmental responsibility.

Living by these values daily fosters excellent learning, personal growth and moral integrity. All Secondary School staff promote these values, providing consistency in how students are supported.

House System

Students are allocated to one of four Houses; Amaterasu, Bishamon, Izanami and Tsukiyomi. Inter-House competitions take place throughout the year in a variety of sports and arts, including Sports Day and the House Singing competition.

BST four House banners

Role of the Tutors and Heads of House

Tutors are the first port of call for students and their parents and provide support with organisational and school milestones and all elements of pastoral care. Tutors work closely with the Heads of House and the House Student Leadership Teams, and together, they celebrate student successes and support the students through any challenges.

BST students with their house tutors

Vertical Tutor Groups

Every House is made up of six tutor groups. Each tutor group is led by two tutors and contains approximately 20 students. The tutor group combines a few students from each year group, and students remain part of the same tutor group throughout their time at BST.

Tutor groups meet daily and develop solid and supportive relationships with students from other year groups. Older students can mentor younger students, and this, in turn, provides leadership opportunities for all students at the school

BST students in house group with their tutors

Positive Behaviour Management

BST expects students to be respectful and considerate, both in school and in the broader community. We are all committed to upholding the school’s core values and expect that students embody these in everything they do. Positive behaviours are celebrated and recognised continuously. This has created a culture of positive behaviour at the school that the whole community can be proud of. 

Positive behaviours are celebrated and recognised through:

  • Verbal and written praise
  • House Points
  • Emails home
  • Termly tutor award nominations
  • Recognition in Tutor Time and assemblies
  • House Point Certificates
  • Student Privileges
  • End of Year Awards Ceremony
BST students in class

Restorative Actions

The approach at BST is based on restorative practices rather than simply punitive actions. Restorative practices include processes which mean that the students involved have a chance to: 

  • Reflect on their actions
  • Take responsibility for their behaviour
  • Address their obligations
  • Make amends to the community or individuals who have been affected
  • Rebuild relationships.

Research has proven that this approach to managing behaviour can be more powerful and have a long-term effect on young people as they develop and mature.

BST students with a tutor teacher