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Student Support Services

BST student with a support service teacher

Learning Support (including academic, social & emotional), English as an Additional Language (EAL), Counselling and Medical teams are part of a multidisciplinary Student Support Services team. 

The Student Support Services work to ensure that students at BST can thrive in their learning and achieve their academic and extracurricular goals.

Learning Support Services

BST provides an inclusive learning environment for all students admitted into the school. The school achieves this by providing a supportive environment that recognises and respects students' different talents, learning differences, backgrounds and cultures.

The school's highly qualified Learning Support team, dedicated Learning Support teachers, and Learning Support Teaching Assistants provide specialised, in-class and additional support across all year groups.

The school's Learning Support Service team works with students, their teachers, and their families to assist them in reaching their potential and overcoming challenges in school. 

The school's Social and Emotional Support team provides students with individual and group-based interventions for practical skills and strategies to improve students' social and emotional well-being and positively affect their learning. This includes social thinking, executive functioning skills training, and other specific social and emotional well-being approaches.

BST student with a support service teacher

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

BST welcomes a diversity of students, some of whom may be learning English as an Additional Language (EAL). 

The school's EAL specialists work with students, their teachers, and their families to assist them in developing their English proficiency, so they can access all curriculum areas confidently and achieve their full potential.

A pile of English books

ASDAN Courses

BST is currently the only school in Japan offering ASDAN courses. The School provides an alternative curriculum option for students with special needs in both Primary and Secondary schools.

This programme is designed to offer a more practical and skills-based approach to learning, catering to students who may benefit from a different educational model to the one we currently offer. Students opting for ASDAN courses will be removed from some traditional lessons to engage in these specialised courses, taught by members of the Student Support Services team. 

ASDAN logo


At BST, we believe that emotional well-being underpins all successful learning. Students benefit long-term from learning how to care for their emotional health and general well-being.

School counselling involves helping students identify and express their thoughts and feelings, encouraging self-awareness and self-management, identifying support networks and forming goals now and in the future.

The BST specialist counselling team supports our students, and their families, through one-to-one, class and transition sessions.

The school Counselling Team also supports teachers and parents by sharing expertise through consultations, workshops and social events.

BST counsellor in the counselling room

Medical Centre

BST Medical Centre staff, comprised of 3 nurses, supports students' and general staff's health and physical well-being needs. This involves care and management of illness, first aid and emergency response and psychological care.

The nursing team manages all medical care plans, liaises with parents and staff, and remains on call throughout the school day to ensure that all students stay safe and well cared for on campus.

BST Medical Centre staff also take a proactive approach to preventive healthcare as they are involved with health promotion and health education, assisting with delivering and supporting initiatives across the school.

BST medical center