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Azabudai Campus

Nursery to Year 6

BST in Toranomon Azabudai development

The one year countdown to the opening of The British School in Tokyo’s new Primary campus has begun. The new campus will be located in Azabudai Hills, Tokyo.

BST's Azabudai Hills campus will open its doors to students in August 2023, approval in process, and will cater for the needs of children from Nursery (3 years old) to Year 6 (11 years old). This exciting development will see Primary children from BST’s current Showa and Shibuya campuses united on one campus.

New Campus Map


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Sports Pitch

For PE lessons, training sessions and many other activities such as football, cricket, and many more.

BST Azabudai Campus - Gymnasium

For gymnasium lessons and indoor sporting activities, such as basketball, netball and volleyball.

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Upper School Library
BST Azabudai Campus - Upper School Library

A multi-purpose learning space for students from Year 3 to 6 for weekly library lessons.

Language Classrooms
BST Azabudai Campus - Language Classrooms

A smaller group's work place for targeted support and challenge.

Junior Library
BST Azabudai Campus - Junior Library

A library full of books for students from Nursery to Year 2.

Roof Garden

A space where students can relax and socialise. They can also take responsibility of the plants and nature.

Music Rooms
BST Azabudai Campus - Music Rooms

Plenty of place for our young musicians to thrive. These places will be used for classes, rehearsals, and recording for both lessones and clubs.

 BST Azabudai Campus - STEM Room

A flexible learning environment. Students will have the chance to experience robotics, coding, and other forms of advanced technology, in addition to their iPads and Chrome books they use in the classrooms.

Art and Design Technology Studio
BST Azabudai Campus - Art and Design Technology Studio

A large open space where students can collaborate and work together creatively on their own ideas.

Auditorium and Dance Studio
BST Azabudai Campus - Auditorium and Dance Studio

Young musicians and performers can showcase their talents. The auditorium can also be a place where students can showcase their understanding and exhibition of learning.

BST Azabudai Campus - Reception

Access to the Receptionist, Principal's office, business staff and a communal area where students' artwork will be displayed. 

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Swimming Pool
BST Azabudai Campus - Swimming Pool

25 meters long. For swimming lessons for all children of all ages, and swimming clubs on site too. This is where students can develop their necessary life skills.

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Sports Pitch
 BST Azabudai Campus - Sports Pitch

For PE lessons, clubs and many other activities such as hockey, rugby and many more.

Central Park
BST Azabudai Campus -  Central Park

A shared park at the centre of this urban development where all the users and guests can relax.

As the only international school located in the new prestigious development, BST is an honoured partner in the Mori Building Corporation’s regeneration of Azabudai Hills - the biggest residential, commercial and educational project in central Tokyo for more than a generation. BST students will grow, learn and develop within state of the art facilities.

The main school building is complete with bright and inspiring classrooms, year group shared areas for independent and group learning experiences, 2 libraries, a suite of music studios, an art studio and a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) centre. In terms of sports facilities the campus will have 2 sports pitches, a dance studio, a sports hall and an indoor swimming pool. These world class facilities will provide BST students with learning spaces where they can flourish and develop their own unique talents and gifts.


Address: 1-3-3 Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo

The campus is located at the heart of central Tokyo and surrounded by a verdant urban oasis of some 24,000m² of green space. Within a few minutes walk, students and parents are able to reach either Roppongi-Itchome Station or Kamiyacho Station easily. The Azabudai Hills development is also close to major office buildings, various shops and restaurants, and many luxury residential buildings.
The new Primary campus is also only a short distance from BST’s Secondary School site located at Showa Women’s University, which is part of a rapidly expanding educational hub in Sangenjaya, only two trains stops from Shibuya.

Admission related information for BST’s Primary and Secondary schools is also accessible on the Admission page on BST’s website.

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About the Campus



Gallery - Exterior

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East Entrance

School Building


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Shared Area


Swimming Pool

Showa Campus

Year 4 to Year 13

Shibuya Campus

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