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Showa Campus

Year 4 to Year 13

BST students in front of BST building
The BST Showa Women’s University campus opened in 2007. This enabled the school to grow with Nursery to Year 3 remaining at the Shibuya site and the rest of the Primary and all of the Secondary students relocating to the Showa Women’s University campus. Over the years, student numbers have increased, and additional year groups have been added. The Showa Women’s University campus now houses over 650 students from Year 4 to Year 13.
Facilities are extensive at this campus. BST students can study in modern classrooms, libraries and study areas. The students enjoy access to 2 art studios, Computer Science and Science laboratories, 2 sports halls and 3 sports pitches and a swimming pool.
In August 2022, BST opened a new Senior School Study Centre. This facility provides the Year 12 & 13 students with independent and collaborative study spaces, a conference room for prefect and student leadership meetings, a Higher Education counselling meeting room and spaces for other support provided by Senior School staff.

Showa Women’s University 5th Bldg.
1-7-57 Taishido
Tokyo 154-8533

Tel: 03 3411 4211 Fax: 03 3411 4212

Showa Campus Map


Location One
Location Two
Location Three
Location Four
Location Five
Location Six
Location Seven
Location Eight
Location Nine
Location Ten
Location Eleven
Location Twelve
Location Thirteen
Location Fourteen
Location Fifteen
Location Sixteen
Location Seventeen

Map Points 2

South Ground
BST South Ground
Leo Ground
BST Leo Ground
Koi Pond
BST Koi Pond
Green Hall
BST Green Hall
Hitomi Hall
BST Hitomi Hall
BST Canteen
The Boulevard
BST The Boulevard
Global Lounge
BST Global Lounge
Old Gym
Old Gym
BST Reception
School Building
BST School Building
Senior School Study Centre
BST Senior School Study Centre
Astro Athletic Field
BST Astro Athletic Field
Main Gate
BST Main Gate
Exam Rooms
BST Exam Rooms
Swimming Pool
BST Swimming Pool
New Gym
BST New Gym

Shibuya Campus

Nursery to Year 3

Azabudai Campus

Nursery to Year 6
(New campus)