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Vision, Mission & Values

BST student running at Nagasawa sportsfield
When planning the curriculum, designing lessons and preparing for broader student experiences, we are directed by our Vision, Mission, Core Values & Aims.
The following guiding statements provide BST with clear goals and outline the direction for the school as a whole.


At BST, we look to nurture each student’s unique potential and strive to help them create a strong sense of self, built around purpose and passion.



BST provides an inclusive and holistic education in English for the international community of Tokyo, with our modern British identity incorporating a distinctly international outlook. We are committed to the pursuit of excellence and lifelong learning. We pride ourselves on instilling a sense of integrity, and value our collective responsibility to positively impact the wider world.



BST’s Core Values act as a guide for students, families, alumni and staff, and underpin our community’s decision-making and actions:

  • We strive to achieve our personal best.
  • We are honest and show kindness, compassion and respect for others.
  • We are curious, creative and innovative in our thinking.
  • We embrace diversity and celebrate individuality.
  • We are internationally minded and culturally aware.
  • We have a sense of social and environmental responsibility.



  • To work in partnership with parents, alumni and the broader community to realise our core values through our holistic provision.
  • To inspire students with a range of learning opportunities of appropriate challenge, both in the classroom and outdoors, that enable personal growth.
  • To encourage students to take ownership of their development through the pursuit of individual interests and the use of the BST Student Profile.
  • To foster students’ determination, resilience and wellbeing by reflecting upon individual challenges and by developing character strengths.
  • To value our British heritage whilst also embracing our unique Japanese context and the international diversity of our community.
  • To recognise and engage with real-life challenges, both local and global, in a spirit of hope.


The BST Community, September 2020