International Mindset

We currently have students from over 65 nationalities and over a third of our students are neither British nor Japanese.

The students experience a vibrant international mindset every day and learn very quickly how to assimilate naturally with other cultures.

We welcome students of all nationalities and academic abilities and provide a mutually supportive and tolerant community in which individuals are respected for who they are.

Primary Boys Football at an International Schools weekend tournament: 36 players, 12 nationalities, 1 BST.

Our support for each individual, and our learning culture, makes it easy for students coming in from, or going out to, other educational systems.

Inspection Reports

The British School in Tokyo rated “Excellent” by the International Schools Inspectorate (ISI) in all areas.

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Our Japanese Context

We celebrate and participate in Japanese traditions both by learning the language and by exploring the local and national cultural traditions.

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