Teaching & Learning

The BST Learner Profile and Teaching Framework presents our collective educational philosophy by outlining the attributes that will most likely produce life long, high performing learners. We believe that by using this shared approach we will help to achieve our vision of nurturing each student’s unique potential and a strong sense of self built around purpose and passion.

Core to BST’s ethos is a desire for our students to become truly internationally minded: to acquire the personal and social intercultural competencies and dispositions that will allow them to thrive and flourish wherever in the world they find themselves. We believe at BST that it is important that, as teachers, we view ourselves as internationally minded, lifelong learners and consistently model what this looks like in our classrooms and in our conduct around school. We believe that by increasing the intellectual capabilities and well-being of our students, we will positively impact the likelihood that they will live healthier, happier, safer, more conscientious and creative lives. Our aim is for every student to aspire to be a high performing learner and maintain this mindset throughout their lifetime.

At BST, we define learning as the process that results in the long-term retention of transferable knowledge and skills that lead to a better understanding of the world and ourselves. We recognise that some things can only be learnt through experience, therefore opportunities for the development of practical wisdom are also carefully planned alongside the acquisition of more explicit knowledge. Here at BST, we recognise that different teaching approaches can be deliberately utilised to encourage the development of well-rounded and balanced people. We understand how to design effective independent and collaborative learning activities and use the mode that best supports our intended aims. We encourage teachers to explore possibilities, innovate and develop their classroom practice with confidence, linking to contemporary educational research and using the table below as a framework for great teaching: The Learner Profile describes the qualities that we aspire to develop in our students and The Teaching and Learning Criteria describe the shared approach we use to do this.

The BST Learner Profile poster


The BST Learner Profile Attributes