The BST Difference

A little student girl showing her work in class

At BST we are proud of the things that make us different:

Outstanding teaching and academic standards

We are passionate about excellent teaching in every classroom. We recruit teachers only after watching them teach in their existing schools all over the world. Our teachers are innovative professionals at the cutting edge of best educational practice who provide a stimulating environment in the classroom that actively engages students and makes learning enjoyable and memorable. To maintain this level of excellence, teachers and teaching assistants take part in professional development and training throughout the year. Our teachers make a difference, in every lesson. As a result, we believe that at all levels students will get into their first choice of school, college or university when leaving us.

Professional monitoring and tracking of every student

Our student tracking system ensures that from age 3 to age 18 the progress of every child is constantly monitored. We use sophisticated database tracking to identify each student’s current level of skills, knowledge and understanding in every main subject area. Progress is tracked by the use of clear, independent criteria, including explanations of what students need to do to achieve the next level. Parents and students are able to ask how and where improvement needs to be made and our teachers can tell them in detail, supporting it with specific examples of work in class. There is a careful matching of tasks to abilities and one-to-one support is given where necessary, so that students achieve their full potential in relation to their abilities.

A vibrant international experience

We welcome students of all nationalities and academic abilities and provide a mutually supportive and tolerant community in which individuals are respected for who they are. We currently have students from over 65 nationalities and around a third of our students are neither British nor Japanese. The students experience a vibrant international mindset every day and learn very quickly how to assimilate naturally with other cultures. Our support for each individual, and our learning culture, makes it easy for students coming in from, or going out to, other educational systems.


Inspection Reports

The British School in Tokyo rated “Excellent” by the International Schools Inspectorate (ISI) in all areas.

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Academic Results

BST students have again produced outstanding results in the Senior School and at all the key stages in earlier years.

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